Active Sourcing with People-Analytix

Companies are constantly confronted with new requirements from their market environment. This also changes the skills that employees need to successfully carry out their tasks. The job title is becoming less important because it can no longer keep up with the changing demands of the job. The job of an HR Business Partner, for example, used to be mainly to support and recruit employees. Today, the HR Business Partner is responsible for looking after management, identifying skills that will be in demand in the future and analysing employee data.

This development also leads to changes in HR management: How do I recognize who in the company has the necessary skills for a job? The focus shifts away from the job title towards a specific skills profile of the employees.

The People Analytix tool now offers the “Active Sourcing” function. This allows different skills required for a specific job to be grouped into a skill profile. The system then automatically displays those employees who best match the skill profile. In this way, new potentials can be discovered that were previously hidden.

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