Amazon investing $700 Million in Re- and Upskilling

According to a study conducted by the Society of Human Ressource Management in 2019, nearly 80% of CEOs said they were concerned about workplace skills gaps. Meanwhile, tech giants such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google have already started re- and upskilling their workforces. Let’s have a closer look at how Amazon re- and upskills its employees internally over the next five years.

Amazon’s re- and upskilling programme, called “Upskilling 2025”, aims at upskilling a third of its US workforce. The 100’000 employees profit off a free program based on the topics of data science, analytics and AI. Amazonians, as Amazon calls its employees, are encouraged to take part in tuition, curriculum redevelopment, and technical programs. The completion of many courses is rewarded with an e-learning certification, which makes newly acquired skills more measurable and comparable to other skills. This way, Amazon can efficiently close skill gaps as the company develops, while providing valuable education to its teams.

As a further thinking step how do companies know which courses their employees benefit most from? The People-Analytix application identifies and recommends to employees the most relevant learning content, based on the individual’s current and future career role. These tailor-made recommendations are a valuable starting point for individual development plans and career discussions. People-Analytix automate a process that has been time-consuming and resource-intensive before now, our solution consistently delivers high-quality learning recommendations throughout all departments of the company.

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