What’s next in the crisis? Free digital career advice

The corona crisis will inevitably lead to both employees and self-employed persons being forced to take up new work, either temporarily or on a longer-term basis.

We are convinced that our digital career advisor can provide valuable support to many people right now. Because: With People-Analytix you can intuitively and easily find suitable job offers in Switzerland, based on your skills. What we previously only offered to corporate customers will now be available free of charge for three months during the crisis to all job-seekers and SMEs with up to 100 employees.

How does it work?

  • Individuals:  Create your skill profile within minutes. Under the tab “Career Opportunities” People-Analytix shows those jobs and vacancies that best match your personal profile.
    Getting started
  • Small and medium-sized companies with up to 100 employees: SMEs that would like to support their employees in an upcoming reorientation can contact careeradvice@people-analytix.com with information on the number of people they employ and will receive free company-specific access within 48 hours.


Additional notes
Our service works best with Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer, other browsers are not or only partially supported. Our data is hosted encrypted on a server in Switzerland. The data protection policy of Switzerland is observed at all times.