“Feature Update” – These new features are waiting for you!

People-Analytix is constantly optimizing the skill management platform and offers new functions on an ongoing basis. These are the latest features:



Skillshare enables employees to share their knowledge and learn from each other. With just one click, users can indicate their willingness to share their knowledge in relation to selected skills. This creates a completely new network for knowledge exchange within the company.


Team Readiness

In the form of a heat map, line managers can see how well their team – and also individual employees – are positioned in comparison to team-relevant performance requirements. This involves comparing the skill profiles of employees with the skill sets of internal roles, market roles, projects, corporate values, etc. This makes it possible to point out competence gaps and to derive corresponding development potential.




This section provides an overview of the use and user satisfaction of the platform.




A feature that allows users to close their identified skill gaps and develop skills in a targeted manner. It is possible to select single skills or individual skill sets that you want to learn or develop further. Based on this, suitable learning offers from the company’s internal learning systems are suggested.