Interview with People-Analytix

ART OF LIFE was initiated by Werner Sattelegger and builds bridges between different disciplines such as economics and art, business challenges and technological solutions, threats and opportunities. The playbook “Stay in the Game” is dedicated to the question of how companies can stay competitive with the help of artificial intelligence. It also includes a short interview with People-Analytix CEO Christoph Küffer.

Learning and Development (People-Analytix)

What does the challenge consist of?

Learning becomes more individual and focused, competence gaps can be identified and closed much faster and in more detail thanks to tailor-made learning programs. People facing professional changes have to take the next career step much faster. What could previously only be offered to a few people (career advice, help in finding a new job) can now, thanks to AI, be offered to many people at a reasonable price, digitally and for self-reflection at an attractive level.

What do you offer?

With the help of AI, the company supports the identification of suitable career opportunities as well as suggesting suitable learning opportunities for the development of existing or new skills. In addition, the product calculates trends in required skills and suitable occupations and thus continuously shows how the labour market is developing. What sounds simple is based on millions of pieces of data collected and evaluated daily. With their help, AI-based models are created. The Zurich-based start-up company offers a digital career advisor for employees and companies alike, thus making an important contribution to meeting the challenges of the rapidly changing world of work.

What are the planned future opportunities of use?

First and foremost, the company is trying to further professionalize its service. If more people use the solution, then the algorithms and thus the suggestions will also be better. The vision is that everyone in working life will have a personal digital career advisor at hand.

Learn more about practical examples of applications in companies and how artificial intelligence can help you save costs and remain competitive: Download Playbook “How to Stay in the Game” (available in german only)