Data protection policy

 1. Declaration on data protection 

It is the declared goal of People-Analytix AG to offer you services which you can make use of as anonymously as possible. We only request your personal data where this is indispensable for the use of our services and leave you the choice of how the personal data you have entered will be used and who can view it. For all personal data entrusted to us we guarantee a trusting treatment and we assure you that we collect these data with the greatest care, treat them strictly confidentially as well as deal with them for their intended purpose. We comply with the relevant legal requirements of Swiss law and the following principles. By ente-ring your personal data via the services of People-Analytix AG, you expressly agree that your personal data will be processed in accordance with these principles. In principle, People-Analytix AG offers its services in Switzerland and only for persons domiciled in Switzerland. If you do not belong to this group, you expressly consent to the application of this agreement under Swiss data protection law. 

2. Collection and storage of data 

2.1 Data entry 

All data entrusted to us will be stored in a database of People-Analytix AG, treated strictly confidentially and not passed on to third parties without your consent (does not apply to the contract owner / employer ac-cording to GTC 3.1). The data will be stored in Switzerland. The server sys-tems can be maintained by third parties or handed out to third parties. These are also subject to the same data protection regulations. 

2.2 Registration 

As a user you can register your profile via the services of People-Analytix AG. You determine which data you enter in the profile. An e-mail address is required for registration. A billing address must be provided for chargeable services. The scope of the data required for the use of a service as well as the way in which it is processed results from the description of the corresponding service. 

2.3 Storage of access data 

2.3.1 Cookies 

People-Analytix AG uses so-called cookies to simplify the use of its services and to receive information to improve its offers. Cookies are small text files that the web browser stores in a specific directory in the user’s system. With the help of cookies we collect data about the use of our services (for example about the roles clicked during a session). In this way, we can generate better quality and more relevant search results for registered users, provided they accept cookies. Users have the option at any time, through appropriate con-figuration of their browser, to generally prevent the acceptance of cookies or to have a warning displayed each time before the acceptance of a cookie and thus decide for themselves whether they accept the relevant cookie or not. By not blocking the use of this website, you agree to the processing of the data collected about you in the manner described above and for the aforementioned purpose. The services of People-Analytix AG can also be used without accepting cookies. However, the use of individual functionalities may be restricted if cookies are deactivated. 

2.3.2 Log file 

When accessing our services, general access data is also stored in a log file for statistical purposes. This con-cerns in particular: 

  • IP address 
  • Date and time of access 
  • Name of the called file 
  • Access status (OK, partial content, document not found, etc.) 
  • Page from which the access was made 
  • Top-Level-Domain (*.ch, *.fr, *.com etc.) 
  • Web browser used 
  • Operating system used 

Data protection policy 

People-Analytix AG processes this data in an anonymous form, for example to determine on which days a particularly large number of visits take place. No person-related evaluation of the log files takes place. 

2.3.3 Tracking and analysis tools 

People-Analytix AG uses various technical tracking and analysis systems to measure and evaluate usage and for remarketing purposes. Such measurements can be anonymous or personal. It is possible that the data collected may be passed on to third parties for processing by People-Analytix AG or the third-party providers of such technical systems. Further information on the collection and processing of data can be found in the data protection regulations of the respective provider. You can object to the collection and processing of this data by applying to the respective provider for an opt-out. 

Tracking and analysis tools used: 


  • Category: Advertisement 
  • Provider: Google Inc. 
  • Further information: Privacy | Opt-Out 

Google AdWords Conversion

  • Category: Advertising 
  • Provider: Google Inc. 
  • Further information: Privacy | Opt-Out 

Google Analytics 

  • Category: Analysis 
  • Provider: Google Inc. 
  • Further informationen: Privacy | Opt-Out 

By using this website, you consent to the processing of data about you in the manner and for the purposes described above. 

2.4 Storage of personal data 

Personal data are stored in a form that allows the identification of the data subjects only for as long as it is necessary for the purposes for which they are processed or is legally or technically necessary. If the user account is deleted, all personal data will be deleted from our system. In exceptional cases, only short-term storage of the data is necessary (up to a maximum of 14 days). It is possible at any time to request the dele-tion of all personal data stored by People-Analytix AG in accordance with Article 5. 

3. Data security 

People-Analytix AG uses technical and organizational security measures to protect the administered data against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or against access by unauthorized persons in accordance with the current state of the art. The security measures are continuously improved in line with technological developments. However, People-Analytix AG assumes no guarantee for the complete security and no liability for the loss of data or its knowledge and use by unauthorized persons. 

4. Third-party offers 

People-Analytix AG also presents offers of third parties via its services or sets links to offers or websites of third parties. People-Analytix AG assumes no responsibility for the collection and treatment of personal data by these third parties. The corresponding data protection provisions of the third party provider apply. 

5. Modification or deletion of personal data 

Every user can modify or delete his profile at any time. The deletion of data can also be requested by sending an e-mail to When using certain services, the user commissions People-Analytix Data protection policy 

AG to record or adapt his profile. In such cases People-Analytix AG is entitled to access the client’s profile data and to process the profile in the sense of the order to the best of its knowledge and belief. The respective client (user) ensures the control of his data after the use of such a service. 

6. Right to information 

Every user of a People-Analytix AG service has the right to request information about whether and which personal data about him are stored at People-Analytix AG. Corresponding inquiries are to be sent by e-mail to Other questions regarding this privacy policy should also be directed to We endeavour to answer enquiries within a reasonable period of time. You have various rights regarding your data within the framework of legal regulations. In particular, there is a right to information, correction and deletion (if the data no longer have to be kept for legal reasons). The People-Analytix AG is at your disposal for further information. 

7. Newsletter 

Data that you make available to People-Analytix AG on this website, in particular your e-mail address and your name for the newsletter, can be used for regular information that People-Analytix AG (or specially de-signated newsletter providers for People-Analytix AG) sends. You can unsubscribe at any time (on any news-letter or on the website). The People-Analytix AG newsletter may contain so-called tracking pixels. A tracking pixel is a miniature gra-phic embedded in e-mails sent in HTML format to enable log file recording and anal-ysis. This allows a statis-tical evaluation of the success or failure of online marketing campaigns to be carried out. Using the embed-ded pixel-code, People-Analytix AG can recognize whether and when an e-mail was opened by an affected person and which links in the e-mail were called by the affected person. Such collected personal data, stored and evaluated in order to optimize the newsletter dispatch and better adapt the con-tent to the interests of the person concerned. This personal data will not be passed on to third parties. Af-fected persons are entitled at any time to revoke the declaration of consent given. After revocation, this personal data will be deleted. Unsubscribing from receiving the newsletter is automatically considered as revocation. 

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy 

People-Analytix AG reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Changes are published via the People-Analytix AG services and take effect 30 days after they are posted. 

9. Language versions 

In the event of contradictions or inaccuracies between different versions of this data protection policy the German version shall prevail. 

V7 / Zurich, December 2018