“Reskilling” for the future

As the year slowly draws to a close, it’s not only a good opportunity to look back, but also to venture a look into the future. Concerning the world of work, the keyword “Industry 4.0” is not far away. This refers to a comprehensive digitalization of industrial production. Which means not only the end of numerous existing jobs but also the emergence of new functions and the need to change the work mentality. Companies must prepare themselves for this.

Results of a Mercer survey (Global Talent Trends 2019)

For a company to remain competitive, it is crucial to see where it needs new skills and to promote its employees accordingly. But that’s not all: existing jobs also need to be redefined. It is not enough to simply put new talents in the old job profiles.

That means also a need for a change of awareness in HR. According to the Mercer study, the fear that well-trained employees will leave the company is the biggest obstacle to their further development. The focus should be more on how to offer these employees new internal challenges.

A first step seems to already exist. My HR future surveyed to find out which Skills HR employees themselves consider relevant for the future. A quarter of respondents said they wanted to develop their skills in people analytics.

Mercer Global Talent Trends 2019 Report

HR Skills of the Future Report