Strategisk HR – People-Analytix goes Nordic

Last week the “Strategisk HR” took place in Stockholm, one of the most influential HR events in Scandinavia. More than 150 HR managers came together to discuss current strategic issues.

The central questions were: How will HR deal with the skill shift? How will employees be motivated to learn new skills and continue their training? Of course, we didn’t want to miss this.

Using the transport company Scania as an example, HR Manager Kent Conradson demonstrated how they deal with organisational change: Trends such as urbanisation, digitalisation, a new environmental awareness and increasing automation and connectivity are leading to a transformation from a traditional industrial company to a high-tech and connected company.

However, this also means that a shift in qualifications must take place. Scania plans to implement special training and development programmes for this purpose. The aim is for employees to be able to shape their careers along these lines on their own responsibility.