Develop your employees and manage the skill shift in your organization
  • AI-powered digital career advisor for all your employees
  • Employees are informed about internal opportunities and skill gaps
  • Based on their skills, employees receive personalized learning content
  • Understanding local labour market trends

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Missing skills
Company benefits
Recognize skill gaps
People-Analytix enables you to recognize skill gaps within your organization and understand which employees can be developed into future roles.
Career opportunities
Company benefits
Provide personalized career advice on- and off-the-job
Help your employees close skill gaps and discover new career opportunities with automated career advice. People-Analytix also suggests learning content (seminars, courses, e-learnings) from your company's learning environment based on employees' preferred areas of development.
Agile methods
Company benefits
Identify market trends
Understand market trends around jobs and skills so that you are aware of upcoming changes early on.
Company benefits
Easy to integrate into existing systems
People-Analytix is cloud-based software that complements and integrates smoothly with existing HR systems such as SAP, Workday, and Cornerstone.

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