Where should the journey go? Make development opportunities visible.

Experience shows that the fluctuation rate is highest in the first four weeks of a new year. In January this can perhaps be partly explained by New Year’s resolutions. However, this should not prevent a company from asking itself what motivates employees to change jobs and what can be influenced.

According to a study by Deloitte, the three most common reasons for leaving are dissatisfaction with management,  salary and a lack of opportunities for further development. According to the study, the greatest leverage for sustainable change lies in a critical examination of the quality of management and the targeted development of all employees.

Especially in large companies, the question is not so much whether development opportunities exist, but whether they are made visible internally. Making this possible is one of the focuses of People-Analytix. Based on their skill profile, employees are shown suitable career opportunities within the company and learning areas are suggested. At the same time, the tool simplifies the search of HR for suitable candidates for internal vacancies and projects.